About Us


Early in the year 2000, the Van Ert Universal Sparrow Trap was born. 

In response for requests for a sparrow trap which would work specifically in slot opening bluebird nest boxes, Floyd Van Ert designed the first Van Ert Universal Sparrow Trap.  Although initially designed for the slot opening bluebird nest boxes, his design worked equally well in almost all types of openings as long as the bluebird box had a flat wooden front to which the trap could be mounted. 

Because this product was so effective, the other trap products were developed using the same essential design. 

Floyd manufactured each and every one of his products entirely by himself until the fall of 2012 when he began training Aaron and Raven Perkins to take over his "hobby" business.  Looking to the future, he wanted to ensure a continuation of the production of the popular Van Ert traps. Unfortunately, Floyd passed away in 2017, but his legacy and love for bluebirds live on with trap design that he was so proud of.

Aaron is an educated auto body mechanic and Raven is a registered nurse working in surgery. Together, they raise their five children in rural Iowa. 

Aaron and Raven have agreed to make no design modifications to the manufacture of any of the Van Ert trap products.

We are continually thinking about possible new products pertaining to bluebirds and their nest boxes.  Therefore, we encourage you to stay in touch with us and check our website periodically for updates. 

We want to ensure our customers that we will continue to maintain our strict quality control and high standards of service.  Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance always. 

One man defined our mission best:  It is not the number of sparrows you eliminate, it is the number of bluebirds you save!